20170522 - RCA F38310

The RCA F38310 is the largest consumer CRT HDTV that I know of at 38" diagonal and 275 lbs. Someone in Tampa has had one up on Craigslist for a while (link probably broken by now). Tempted to pick it up. Posting research here...

ATSC Modelines

- Has YPrPb component input (480i, 480p, 540p, 1080i).
- Sharpness knob that might be able to disable any non-SVM ringing (great).
- Only 480i can be scaled (so scaler is useless, and PIP is useless).
- All 480p and HDTV displayed as 16:9 aspect (good).
- Component does *not* support 720p input (not native, so ok).
- Fan is always on when plugged in (need external switch to fully power down).
- FAQ describes how to get into the service menu.
- Left and right of display brigher than center (due to elecron beam slowing down).
- Scan Velocity Modulation (SVM) always on in hardware (ringing fail).
- Ability to disconnect the SVM cable (orange/brown P5201) to disable (success)!
- Risk of diodes and capacitors in DM1 tuning module to fail (need service).
- Native supported refresh rates appear to be {480p, 540p, and 1080i}.

540p Native Reference
Copied from RCA F38310 HDTV Post below,
I've gotten 1080i working on my RCA through a Audio Authority 9A60 VGA-to-component convertor.  

PowerStrip timing parameters:

Generic timing details for 1920x1080:
HFP=152 HSW=48 HBP=304 kHz=34 VFP=4 VSW=10 VBP=31 Hz=30

Linux modeline parameters:
"1920x1080" 81.817 1920 2072 2120 2424 1080 1084 1094 1125 interlace -hsync -vsync


540p was not a problem:

PowerStrip timing parameters:

Generic timing details for 960x540:
HFP=16 HSW=32 HBP=96 kHz=34 VFP=2 VSW=6 VBP=15 Hz=60

Linux modeline parameters:
"960x540" 37.286 960 976 1008 1104 540 542 548 563 +hsync +vsync


No joy on 720p