20161105 - Owlboy via CRT

Getting Owlboy working on a 29" Makvision VGA Arcade CRT from a VGA Port of an APU based laptop.

Owlboy appears to be rendering around 640 pixels across, and then when windowed, doubling pixels to get to 1280. It is possible to get Owlboy full-screen on a 640x480x60Hz VGA output, for pixel perfect CRT display (no doubling).

Current AMD 16.9.2 Driver has a bug which won't allow the user to make a custom resolution. Was unable to find old drivers on the AMD website until I duckduckgo'ed for old driver and found a link which can be used to grab old drivers,

http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/apu/previous?os=Windows 8.1 - 64

If not using an APU and not on Windows 8.1, then use the regular driver search to figure out what path (/apu/ part) and query (?os= part) to adjust the URL to. Crimson Edition 16.7.3 WHQL from 7/28/2016 has working custom resolutions.

Once the driver is installed, connect the VGA CRT and make it the primary monitor. I found I was unable to get full-screen to work at the correct resolution otherwise. Next bring up Radeon Settings, click on the Preferences button at the bottom, and then click on the Radeon Additional Settings. This brings up a new window. Click on the Custom Resolutions button for the attached VGA display. Then click on the New button and setup for 640x480x60Hz with Progressive and CVT as the timing standard. Then click Verify to generate the mode. Accept the mode. With the mode set, start Owlboy and go into full-screen mode (F11 if I remember right), and remember to turn letter-box on.

The game played this way is stunning.