20160728 - Blink Mechanic for Fast View Switch for VR

As seen in the SIGGRAPH Realtime section for Bound for PS4 PSVR around 42 minutes in this video. Great to see someone making good use of the "blink mechanic" to quickly switch view in VR. Scene quickly transitions to black, to simulate eyelid closing, followed by fading back to a new view, simulating eyelid opening.

My recommendation for the ideal VR display interface used this mechanic. Specifically "blink" to hide the transition of exclusive ownership of the Display between a "Launcher / VR Portal" application and the game. The advantages of exclusive app-owned Display for VR on PC would have been tremendous. For instance it then becomes possible to,

(1.) Fully saturate the GPU. No more massive sections of GPU idle time.

(2.) Render directly to the post-warped final image for a 2x reduction in shaded samples for Compute generated Graphics Non-Triangle based rendering, and pixel perfect image quality.

(3.) Factor out shading to Async Compute, and only generate the view right before v-sync. Rendering just in time is better than time-warp: no more incorrect transparency, no more doubling of visual error for dynamic objects which are moving differently than the head camera tracking.

(4.) Race the beam for the ultimate in low latency.

(5.) Great MGPU scaling (app owned display cuts MGPU transfer cost by 4x).

(6.) Have any GPU Programming API, even compute APIs, be able to work well in VR without complex cross-process interopt.

(7.) Etc.

Ultimately no one on the PC space implemented this, and thus all my R&D on the ultimate VR experience got locked out and blocked by external process VR compositors, pushing me personally out of VR, and back to flat 3D where I still can actually push the limits, with good frame delivery, without artifacts, and with perfect image quality.