20150814 - The Written Word

Growing older, I find that games, movies, TV are all limiting forms of entertainment, and that by far the best form of story driven consumables is the book. Right now I'm half through On the Steel Breeze by Alastair Reynolds, taking a break to reflect. Something was lost over the years as digital entertainment has evolved from the soup of interactive text adventures. Certainly enjoy the visual representation of a good story, but I enjoy more the freedom to explore stories which could never gain the support necessary for a non-literary translation. Early in gaming there was an interesting balance forced by the limitations of the machine, where the written word took the place of electronically "physically" realizing everything in the game. Would be great once and a while to trade the modern game single player storyline, played out in "cut scenes", with a story of the caliper of a great novel, represented instead in "cut pages" of text. Then shifting the focus of development and polish back into the game itself.