20150722 - 1536-3 : Simplify, Repeat

Night 3 on the 1536 project, decided to make some changes before going full ahead with writing an editor.

(1.) Switched the boot loader to not relocate to zero. Now leaving the BIOS areas alone, I doubt I'll ever go back to real mode after switching to long mode, this ends up making the code easier, and provides room for the next change.

(2.) Switched the boot loader to fetch the first 15 tracks instead of just 1 track. Now have a little over 472KB of source to work with on boot, which is effectively infinite for this project. The motivation for this change was the realization that x86-64 assembly source would get big. Don't want to change this later. 472KB is close to the maximum without checking for things like EBA, or handling non-full-track reads.

(3.) Switched to an easier source model. Lines are now always 64 characters long. Comments are switch to a single \ which functions like the C // style comment, ignoring the rest of the line. Since lines are always 64 bytes (cacheline sized and aligned), the interpreter can quickly skip over comments. This is a trade in increased source size, for simplification of the editor: fixed size lines makes everything trivial.

(4.) Making a convention that syntax highlighting with color only has a line of context. Which translates into don't let things wrap. Easy.