20150403 - Why I'm Using Fedex From Now On

Payed extra to have a 100 lbs UPS package delayed a day so I could ensure I'd be there to sign for it on Friday (was out of town Thursday), very important to me that I get the package before the weekend. This required the hassle to sign up for a UPS account and pay extra to have it delayed a day. Website accepts the money and provides an estimate delivery of 11am - 3pm. Delivery day at home waiting, 3pm rolls around and no package. Use the online chat, let them know something is wrong, double check the online tracking and I don't see a "Out For Delivery" on the tracking webpage. The first online chat I tell them something is wrong, they say no everything is fine. I ask is the package on a local truck for delivery, they say yes, then tell me to wait around until the end of the day which is 7pm. I ask for confirmation, they say yes it will make it by 7pm. Then an hour passes, I use the UPS online chat again, saying the tracking webpage still does not say "Out For Delivery", I tell them again something is wrong, and again they tell me I'm wrong. I ask for a guarantee that the package is in-fact on a local truck with a guaranteed delivery today, I wait, they again confirm and say that for sure I will get the page by 7pm. I wait around until 7pm. Still no package after waiting for 8 hours. I call their customer support line, asking where is the package, they put me on hold for 30 minutes. Then 5 or so more minutes saying I can pick it up tomorrow at a location which is 15 minutes away. They say the package is there at a pickup location which is 15 minutes away but closes at 8pm. With roughly 17 minutes to get there, I speed over, manage to get to the UPS location with a few minutes to spare. Sharing the building with a bunch of other random people who are also waiting for something. 8pm rolls around and they lock us in the building so no one else can enter after close. They cannot seem to find my package, they tell me the person on the phone lied and the page isn't in the building. Person by person, they give excuses of why they cannot get their package. One woman got confirmation that her package was pulled and ready for pickup. Except it was left on a trailer next store, and they cannot get the package until next Monday. Roughly 30 minutes of waiting they tell me the same line. My package is right next store in the warehouse on a truck which cannot be "sorted" until Sunday at midnight. Even UPS has Saturday delivery, they won't bother to just take the package off their truck on the weekend. UPS has managed a rare perfect score in the "ensure your customer will never use your service ever again if they have a choice not too" category!