20150327 - Other CRT Options

29" Makvision CRT SVGA Arcade Monitor
Link: XGaming has these for roughly $500 and around $60 shipping to where I live.
Uses VGA input. Looks like there are three kHz spec ranges depending on version of display: {90 Mhz, 15-40 kHz or 30-40 kHz or 30-50 kHz (model C2929D1), 47-90 Hz, 800x600 max}. The peak kHz model might have capacity for 800x600 @ 80 Hz. Wonder what kind of persistence this display has.

Sony GDM-FW900 24" Widescreen CRT Monitor
Possible to find on ebay. Does {30-121 kHz, 48-160 Hz, 2304x1440 max}. Seems possible to do 960x600 at 160 Hz, and peak resolution around 80 Hz.