20150220 - The Order 1886!

This review contains no spoilers...

The Order 1886 is a fantastic game, one of my personal favorite games of all time.

Initially I was caught off guard by the doubt cast by various critics out to smear the game. They ended up doing me a favor, in that I now have a great list of online publications which I know to avoid spending any future time reading.

My quest started with a pre-order roughly 16 hours prior to launch. Followed by a playthrough on easy, beginning in early morning then wrapping a regular working Friday.

Why Easy? And a Word on "Replay Value"
When I want a gaming challenge, aka something on "hard", and something with "replay value", I take on the best humans I can find in competitive multiplayer: often in Call of Duty or Killzone. It is the people who bring you back, not specifically the game. The Order 1886 serves a different purpose in my eye, to provide a self-contained story experience which can be consumed, enjoyed, and remembered, and in this regard The Order 1886 excels. There is no expectation or need for replay value in this kind of game, just like there is no need for shoes to double as a toaster oven.

Quality Over Quantity
The game had the right length for me: not too long paired with high production value. To experience the ultimate in a given art form, to be immersed in attention to detail so fine that the mind is transplanted into the scene: this is where The Order takes you. The Order is a ride, part film, part cover shooter, with time inbetween to get absorbed in the style, sound, material and environment of years past. Gunplay feels refined, with fantastic audio/visual feedback expressed in the technology of the era. The focus on quality pixels brings The Order to a place no other game has yet to venture visually.

Too all those at Ready At Dawn, your hard work is much appreciated. Look forward to whatever you have in store next!