20140921 - Using GDB Without Source and With Runtime Changing of Code

Getting disassembly of code generated at runtime to verify dynamic code generation can be a slow process. On Linux, I just use gdb. Using gdb requires setting the breakpoint for run-time generated code after that code is generated by the application (if there is an easier way, I don't know it). Here is a quick example,

Find the entry point of the ELF: readelf -a filename
Look for "Entry point address:" and write down address
Start gdb: gdb filename
Insert breakpoint, this example using 0x2c3 as entry point: break *0x2c3
Start program which will break at above entry point: run
Show disassembly with raw bytes example: disassemble /r 0x2c3,0x300
The "=>" shows the instruction pointer
Set another breakpoint to something after run-time generated code
Use the "continue" command to continue to that breakpoint
Show disassembly of the run-time generated code