20090506 - Electromagnetic Spectrum and Rendering

I find it interesting that as humans working on rendering technology, we are obsessed with the visible spectrum when there is so much more,

Gamma Rays and X-Rays

Wavelength of Atomic Nuclei to Atoms. Below is a VACIS gamma-ray image of stowaways in a truck. Also check out Nick Veasey's X-ray Photography. Would be interesting to do real-time graphics like this, but dynamically adjusting per pixel exposure in order to capture views of large scenes...


Wavelength slightly smaller than a really thin human hair. Real-time rendering done before in that awesome AC-130 level of Call of Duty 4 (screen shot below). The level had this analog real visual feel you don't get from our misguided attempts to simulate the visible spectrum in real-time.

I'd like to see a mix of mid-infrared and x-ray rendered in real-time...